Benefits of Cryotherapy 


Increased energy, reduced DOMS, promotes vasodilation, reduces inflammation, improved recovery, only cold therapy you can go directly into activity after

People suffering from Arthritis and joint pain

Reduces the levels of inflammation around joints and stiff areas, increasing mobility and a reduction in pain and discomfort

Weight Loss

An individual can burn up to 1000 calories from a session due to the natural thermogenic process after a three minute treatment.

Increased natural collagen production 

Continued treatment can increase your body's production of natural collagen resulting in the reduction of wrinkles, cellulite, and healthier hair, nails, and joints. This is a more natural way to increase your collagen levels without introducing an alien substance such as a powder or liquid into you body. 

Increased energy levels

During the warming up process after your treatment your blood is quite literally pumping through you. Veins and blood vessels open up to allow rapid circulation as your freshly cleaned and oxygenated blood surges through your body providing you with an increase in natural energy.

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