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Shelley P. 


I highly recommend Cryotherapy for not only anyone going through physical therapy but for optimal maintenance from sporting activities and everyday wear and tear. The anti-inflammatory benefits alone quicken recovery. I was able to stop taking muscle relaxants and pain medication whose side effects can be as bad as the injury. And my osteoarthritis joint pain is reduced and I come out of a treatment invigorated!

Cody Whittington


I’ve done cryotherapy elsewhere, but first time in Georgetown. After a week of heavy workouts and overindulgence in Christmas food, my body was not functioning at its best. I easily set up a morning session with their online portal. Walked in, everyone was friendly and professional throughout the session. Best of all, I feel GREAT!

Sammie Jane


Tried Cryo yesterday to help with fatigue and migraines. The staff was welcoming and made sure to make me feel comfortable - they answered all questions and explained the process of Cryo beforehand. The tank itself was such a cool experience. It was freezing cold, but they did a great job of talking to me and playing music of my choice to help the time pass and make it an enjoyable time. Immediately afterwards I felt relief - both with my migraine and General feeling, and the next day I can still feel the results - definitely will be back again! 

Sara Madeley


The Cryogenic experience has been the best thing I have done for myself!!!! It’s been very effective in decreasing my arthritis pain and enhancing my endurance. The staff are the best, and Matthias is a great coach. I have lost 23 pounds so far due to my increased endurance. I can’t thank them enough. I will do this forever!!!!!

Walter Bruning


Cryotherapy has been a game changer.  It has provided me relief from chronic shoulder pain so I could continue with a CrossFit exercise program. Over the course of my first year of Cryo,  my blood pressure dropped significantly, enabling me to cut my hypertension medication dosage in half. Amazing results for me!